Funny and interesting questions for little brainiacs  

Set 1

1.Why do children go to nursery?

a) to look after their pats
b) to socialize with other children and learn something new
c) to eat  up a snack

2. Why is a snowman white?

a) because dad painted it
b) because it is made of cream
c) because it is made of snow

3. Where do penguins live?

a) in the fridge
b) in the Artic
c) in Antartica

4. Why do children like ice cream?

a) because it is colourful
b) because it is sweet
c) because it is hot

5. What's the weather like in the summer?

a) cold
b) hot
c) funny

 Set 2

1. Who brings Christmas presents?

a) a postman
b) a firefighter
c) Santa Claus

2. Where do elephants live?

a) in the water
b) on land
c) in the living room 

3. When do children laugh?

a) when they go to bed
b) when something is funny
c) when they do something silly

4. Why can't people fly?

a) because they don't have wings
b) because they are too fat
c) because they prefer walking

5. Who makes honey?

a) butterflies
b) bees
c) bears

 Set 3

1. What colour is milk which black cows give?

a) black
b) colourful
c) white  

2. Can we see air?

a) only at night
b) never
c) when it moves leaves

3. What does a water melon look like?

a) like a box
b) like a ball
c) like a coffee table

4. Where do ants live?

a) in an ant-hill
b) in a jar
c) in a TV

5. What can we pick from an apple-tree?

a) bananas 
b) sweets
c) apples

Set 4

1. Do dogs

a) mew
b) bark
c) moo

2. Do you use pencil for

a) eating soup
b) drinking water
c) writing

3. What do you use T-shirts for?

a) for wearing 
b) for dusting
c) for washing the dishes

4. What happens at night?

a) The sun shines
b) The moon and stars shine
c) It rains

5. What colour are oranges?

a) yellow
b) blue
c) orange

Set 5

1. What do little children do in the morning?

a) they go to work

b) they go to school

c) they go to a nursery 

2. Why is glass transparent?

a) to enable us to watch out of the window

b) because sunlight doesn't give enough energy to electrons to leave their orbits, so that they don't come back later to their base orbits and don't emit light (for older children)

c) to enable sunlight enter the room

3. Where do we cook food?

a) in the kitchen

b) in the saucepan

b) in the garden 

 4. Why do animals have four legs?

a) to run faster

b) because they can't walk on two legs like we do

c) not to fall down

5. Where do people keep valuable things?

a) in their heads

b) in a safe

c) in a bank