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Based on my humble experience, I drew a few conclusions about some things and the feelings they produce when I encounter them, so I will share them here with you. They might not produce the same feelings with you, but I will tell you my opinion, so you can judge it and see if there is a little truth in it. 

flowers in a vase

feeling of freshness 

 fruit in a bowl

feeling of abundance 

 fireplace or a stove with a glass door

feeling of home 

tree in the garden or plant in the room

touch with nature 

musical instrument in your home and a person who can play it

feeling of nobility 

 pictures on the walls

feeling of completely decorated room 

full fridge and freezer 

feeling of safety 

 Internet connection

feeling of connection with other people

dog or cat in the garden or inside your home

family atmosphere 

home storage of emergency medicine

feeling of precaution 

home library

feeling of curiosity and advancement

recently painted walls

feeling of renovation 

recently cut grass in the garden

feeling of tidiness 

 collection of different tools 

feeling of readiness 


22. 4. 2016.

 Since we were lucky to be born, we should try to live our lives as well as possible. Sometimes it isn't easy because there are a lot of obstacles in or around ourselves, but we need to do our best to make our lives the best possible. By reading different texts, but also from my own experience, I realized that good  habits are the most important. We pay attention to our personal hygiene every morning and these are routines that are learnt at an early age. If we succeed to add some new good habits, our quality of life can be higher.

 How to acquire a good habit? A lot of people say: "From tomorrow I am starting with exercises. I am going to exercise half an hour in the morning or in the evening every day." They repeat that a few days and then they forget about it. Some of them who are persistent continue successfully, but there aren't many of them. The recipe for acquiring a habit might sound like this.

Start with 5 minutes a day. Not more, not less. But may it happen the next three - four months. 

 If you start with 5 minutes a day, there is a big chance to make that activity your permanent habit and in this way enrich your life. You can start with doing exercises which I recommend everybody. Besides that one good habit, you can later start building some new ones, like reading, writing, drawing, painting, cooking, some hand-work, going for a walk or anything else that you are interested in. The most important is to start with a little, and later, if you succeed, you can make it last longer. 

Tell me if you had succeeded. I will be glad.

I almost forgot Happy Earth Day to everybody! :)  

22. 4. 2016.

6.5. 2015

How to get rid of a bad habit

            You will think that it is difficult. Yes, it is difficult. You have probably tried something like this. If you have a habit which bothers you and you would like to get rid of it, you can try this method. I will neither tell you that I succeeded in overcoming my own one, nor I will tell you which habit it is, what I will tell you is the fact that if you try this method, you can expect some results, and even complete success if you are a bit more persistent.

            In the nutshell, it is really simple. You need to trick yourself in some way. How? Here is how. At one moment you get a wish to do something that, what you already know, isn’t good, whatever it is. And the wish is so strong that you can’t resist. What you need to do? You need to try to POSTPONE it. Even for 10 minutes. You can tell yourself: “I will do this, but in 10 minutes.” And if something bigger is in question you can say TOMORROW. There is a chance to withstand your mind’s wish in this way and somehow trick it. Try it, it is often successful. If you do the same the next time you have unwanted wish and you withstand the pressure to do it, each next time it will be easier.

It is worth trying!


23. 5. 2016


It is a sad day. A famous Serbian actor Bata Živojinović has passed away. Big actors are like family members, so we are all unhappy when someone leaves us. Somebody who made us laugh so many times or made us think about life in some different way, inspired us to do something new or simply enriched our life. If you like films and you go to theaters, then all the characters brought by the actors including the actor/actress themselves became one little part of yourself and will stay there forever. 
 In some scientific circles, it is being talked more and more about possibilities to extend our lives and even immortality. I think that it is a goal that the mankind should set as the priority, the goal of all the goals. It might sound impossible, but I am sure that it is achievable, maybe not in the near future, but once we will get there, for sure.


 These are the most exciting years in the history of mankind. If you do not follow scientific news, you might not be under this impression, but what is going to happen in the next decades and centuries will change human beings so much that it is difficult even to imagine. These years first living creatures (bacteria) have been created out of non-organic matter, a method for gene editing is discovered, new steps in exploring basic building blocks of atoms are made, gravitational waves are measured and a lot of smaller, but not less important discoveries have been introduced, that will at one moment lead to changes at enormous scale. It is officially started with the development of the substances for extending the life span with the aim of declaring aging as an illness and setting immortality as our ultimate goal. It isn’t something that came from scientists’ imagination, but it came from the fact that some kind of crabs at the bottom of the ocean does not age at all, so the question of our immortality is absolutely legitimate, and in a long run, possible.   

Predicting far future is a sport without a winner, or at least the winner never finds out if they have won, as long as the maximal life span is in today’s frame, so I do not feel any pressure of winning or losing. So, I will write down a few of my predictions and leave them to somebody else to check if I was, and to what extent, right. I would like somebody to read this blog in 100, 500 or 1000 years, and even if nobody reads it, I will at least have fun while I am thinking about what will happen in the distant future. Here are a few predictions:

It is June 29, 2016.


-  In the next 100 years there will be a base set on the Moon, where only robots will work. They will produce energy there, as well as other things.

-  In the next 200 years people will build their settlements on the Moon and live there permanently.

-  In 100 years artificial eyes will have better possibilities than natural ones which we have nowadays, and in 200 years we will be able to receive visual signals directly in our brains from different locations and in different resolutions.  


-  In 500 years humans will be immortal and we will be able to move our consciousness from one to the other body, genetically absolutely equal to ours.


-  In 500 years we will be able, by manipulating basic building blocks of atoms, to produce any element that we know about now.

Unfortunately, the thing I doubt will ever happen is the fact that the wars will never stop. Do you know this rule? A train goes at the speed of the slowest carriage. As long as there is one person who will sow discord between people and social groups, there will be wars and friction, which only consumes our energy which would be better to use for the purpose of life. And since we all know that there will always be such people, the only thing that we can do is not to let anybody sow a seed which will produce aggression towards somebody else or induce bad thoughts of any kind.